Here’s a list of projects I’ve contributed to. If you would like to contribute to any of these, feel free to either email or send me a Pull Request with your patch on GitHub and I’ll look into it.

Active Projects

  • afero
    Afero is a FileSystem Abstraction System written in Go. I’ve forked the project and have since contributed the feature completion of the golang os package.

  • singh-kernel
    singh-kernel is my implementation of making a custom kernel for the Android Nexus device line. My work mostly involves backporting patches from either mainline arm tree or sideporting from other developers out there.

Latent Projects

(I don’t work on these unless I need to use them)

  • lemming
    Lemming is an open source MySQL data team automation framework built in Vancouver with love.

  • gitty
    gitty is an Android app that lets you compete with your friends on GitHub.

  • singh-ramdisk
    A ramdisk image built on top of Google sources. Mostly still stock due to the lack of time.

  • kernel-tools
    Kernel dev tools collected from the internet.

  • singh-droid
    singh-droid is my implementation of making a custom AOSP build for the Android Nexus device line.

Retired Projects

  • terraform Terraform is a tool for building, changing, and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. I maintain my personal fork and contribute back to the upstream repository.

  • mozharness
    mozharness is a python harness that can be used to automate testing.

  • moz-git-tools
    moz-git-tools are a collection of some neat hg-git-bzr-svn VCS tools.

  • iTerm2NB
    iTerm2NB is a modification to the open sourced iTerm software with a borderless interface (hence the postfix NB).

  • powerline
    powerline is a neater way to display useful info on the terminal. This is my local fork of the upstream repo.

  • tmux-for-mac-powerline
    Some of my work in implementing tmux to run nicely alongwith powerline on Macintosh machines.

  • networking-python
    networking-python is a network simulator written in purely in python. It simulates CSMA/CD and Ethernet networks.

  • digital-design-vhdl
    digital-design-vhdl is a bunch of hardware componenets written in VHDL. These include some math utilties like the ALU and shift reg, a heating system state machine and a Kirsch Edge detector system.

  • yocto-project
    I’ve worked on Yocto quite a lot so it’s hard to describe in a few sentences. Most of my work was on the BeagleBoard BSP and Raspberry Pi integration work. Some parts also involved working with oVirt and QEMU work.

  • firmware-hackery
    Some of the reverse engineering binary blobs of firmware found on the internet. I do this purely for fun and educational purposes; the rights are reserved for the copyright owners.

  • RasTop
    Built RasTop, a fully functional ARM laptop built on top of a Raspberry Pi and Yocto Project.